Project Description

Condominium Master Bathroom Remodel Bonita Springs FL

Our clients desperately needed a new master bathroom that had a better function, flow and aesthetic. Incorporating all of the family’s needs and desires, Progressive Design Build designed a new layout that accomplished all of their goals.

We started by removing the large Jacuzzi tub and tub deck and moving the vanity to the old shower location, making room for a new walk-in shower and heated towel bar that the owners wanted.

During demolition, a unique challenge presented itself. We found a vent pipe in the middle of the new vanity cabinet location, which wasn’t part of the original building drawings. Due to its location in a high-rise condo, which also serviced some of the floors below, we couldn’t move the pipe very far.

Through creative planning meetings and design, as well as innovative cabinetry solutions, we were able to work around the pipe.

The finishes on the project were much more contemporary giving the new master bathroom a subtle sophistication and understated elegance. The cabinets were designed with straight, simple lines and they were custom built with a deep, rich brown finish. The richness of the dark cabinetry juxtaposed with the elegance of the white porcelain tile floor and white Quartzite countertop, contributed to the room’s sophistication and the modern look that the clients desired.

In the end, all project goals were achieved!