If you struggle daily with a poorly planned bathroom, it’s time to consider making some changes. Maybe your challenges stem from not being able to access features in your bathroom that are the most used—such as the toilet paper holder. Perhaps you have a leaky tub, mold development or cabinets that need to be replaced. Or, maybe you’re just tired of your bathroom’s outdated features. While everyone has their own ideas of what makes the “ideal bathroom,” here are some telltale signs that it’s time to remodel.

1. Your Bathroom Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

Families grow and change through the years, but your bathroom might not have changed much. Bathrooms are spaces you have to share with other people, whether it’s your spouse, two potty-training toddlers, three teenagers trying to get ready for school in the morning, or your Aunt Marge who comes to stay for the summer and takes 3-hour baths. You may find that you don’t have enough sinks, storage space or other amenities to make everyone comfortable without turning the bathroom into a damp, cramped chamber of misery.

Even if you don’t have much room to expand your bathroom’s size, a layout revamp can significantly improve the use of your space. Even a small bathroom can seem spacious if it’s well designed. For example, essential features can be built into the walls, allowing for easy access and plenty of functional storage space.

2. Your Bathroom Suffers from Dated Design

Are you tired of the crusty, old, fixed shower spigots; the wallpaper screaming 1972; the difficult-to-turn bulbous faucet fixtures; the nondescript vanity; or the ancient linoleum? Maybe you’ve just tried to ignore it. At some point, you won’t be able to anymore—particularly if you are thinking of selling.

Whether you just want a basic update with new fixtures, lighting, colors and surfaces (such as quartz or granite), or you want to replace it all with a home spa, we can help you achieve timeless luxury that won’t look dated next year. Consider a new spacious walk-in shower with a luxurious rain showerhead and bench seating. If you need a good soak, imagine sinking into a large, bubble-jet tub. A heated floor and towel holders can even make getting out of the bath an enjoyable experience.

3. Your Bathroom Has too Little Storage Space

Is your bathroom so small that you have to store towels in a closet down the hall? Is the vanity cluttered with makeup and personal care products because there’s no place to store them out of sight? Did you have to go out and buy one of those rickety, over-the-toilet units to stack other bathroom essentials?

When remodeling your bathroom, adding useful, conveniently located storage is an absolute essential. The towels should be accessible, within reach, from the tub or shower. You should also be able to stow makeup and personal care products out of sight. Then, there should be plenty of room left for open spaces, ambiance-boosting flower arrangements, scented candles or other types of spa-like décor. Ultimately, bathroom storage space should be easy to organize and reach what you need, when you need it.

4. Your Bathroom Lighting is All Wrong

Inadequate bathroom lighting is a very common problem, even if the layout is functional. Sometimes blinding overhead lights create glare and are difficult for your eyes to adjust to in the morning. Sometimes the lighting is too dim or set in the wrong place, so you can barely see to shave or apply your makeup. If you want to have a functional bathroom for the morning rush, or a relaxing spa mood for your bath at the end of the day, you need lighting that reduces glare but can be dimmed or brightened, depending on your needs, day or night. In addition to functional lighting, style and décor in the bathroom can be enhanced with beautiful pendant fixtures or a luxurious chandelier.

5. Your Bathroom isn’t Ready for Aging in Place

Most of us want to live in our homes as long as possible. The problem is, our homes may not be aging as well as we are, preventing aging in place. And, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult and dangerous rooms to navigate. Some of the amenities that will make your home safer and easier to navigate include walk-in showers, wider doorways, improving traction on the floor, etc. Walk-in tubs with built-in seating are also an option.  And, today’s universal design features do not have to look “institutional” or hospital like. Progressive Design Build is particularly proficient at making your bathroom comfortably welcoming to all ages and abilities. For more information on how to make your home more adaptable, read our article on “Aging In Place Home Remodeling Tips.

6. Your Bathroom Has Critical Maintenance Issues

Your bathroom is plumbing central. The pipes, seals, fixtures, shower, tub, and toilet all have hundreds of gallons of water rushing through them each year. If the plumbing has problems, you can run into all sorts of water damage issues, including major leaks and mold. If your shower or any other area of the bathroom shows signs of persistent blue, green or black growth, it’s time to fix whatever is causing the excess moisture. This isn’t just a smelly, aesthetic issue—it’s a health and safety issue that makes bathroom remodeling an absolute must.

Another maintenance issue that you can run into is insufficient ventilation. If your bathroom always smells like… well, a bathroom, then see if you can add windows or a better ventilation system. This can reduce the amount of moisture in the air and get rid of the odor.

At Progressive Design Build, bathroom remodeling projects are a particular favorite of ours. Not only do bathroom remodels add a lot of value to your home, but we also get a lot of satisfaction in turning a dysfunctional bathroom into a functional, tranquil oasis for our clients.

If your bathroom suffers from one or more of these 6 problems, now may be the time to remodel. Don’t put off your bathroom renovation any longer. Get design inspiration from our bathroom portfolio and then contact the Southwest Florida bathroom experts at Progressive Design Build to schedule a complimentary design consultation. Or call 239.939.5411.