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How to Design and Build a Wet Room in Your Southwest Florida Bathroom

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Creating a wet room offers a modern and luxurious bathing experience, but embarking on your project requires careful planning and execution. That’s where a design-build firm becomes invaluable, presenting a streamlined approach that seamlessly integrates the design and construction processes under a single point of accountability. In this post, we’ll explore the considerations and challenges [...]

Unlock Luxury: Six Benefits of Remodeling your Southwest Florida Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling isn't just about giving your space a fresh look; it's about unlocking a plethora of advantages that extend far beyond aesthetics. From elevating functionality and efficiency to boosting property value, the perks of a bathroom remodel are abundant. In this post, let's delve into the top six benefits you can reap from renovating [...]

Pro Tips for Designing the Perfect Powder Room

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Designing the perfect powder room for your Bonita Springs, Florida home requires a thoughtful blend of creativity, practicality and attention to detail. Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving an existing space a makeover, you’ll want to create a powder room that marries style with functionality to deliver a captivating experience for you and your [...]

Why Remodeling for Multiple Functions Should Be a Key Design Component for your Next Home Remodel

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In the realm of home design and remodeling, there is a growing trend that goes beyond merely updating aesthetics or increasing square footage. Homeowners are seeking versatility, adaptability and functionality in their living space. Rooms are no longer designated for singular purposes; today, remodeling for multiple functions has emerged as a key design component, breathing [...]

How to Design and Build the Ultimate Ensuite Bedroom for Your Southwest Florida Home

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Not all bedrooms are created equal. When you want more in terms of style, comfort, and space, a primary ensuite bedroom is the answer. This larger and grander room features its very own bathroom and is the perfect retreat for homeowners seeking a more luxurious self-contained suite. This article looks at the key items to consider [...]

How to Make Your Southwest Florida Bathrooms Appear Bigger

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In older homes, bathrooms weren’t always designed with comfort and safety in mind. They were often small and considered utilitarian. Fast forward to today and homeowners are designing their bathrooms with just as much thought and indulgence as the rest of their home. While moving walls or building an addition is one option, there are a [...]

Common Bathroom Design Dilemmas in Your Southwest Florida Home and How to Solve Them

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You want a beautifully designed and well-functioning bathroom, but there’s a problem. Maybe it’s too small, has poor lighting, or is always damp. Whatever the issue, don’t feel alone. Many bathrooms present common design dilemmas that frustrate homeowners and challenge designers. If this sounds familiar, our designers offer ways to dodge these pitfalls so you [...]

Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Bathroom Remodeling in Southwest Florida

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Who knew the loo would become so important? The bathroom is no longer just a place to relieve ourselves and has become a luxurious, health, and wellness experience. But as millions of homeowners transform their bathrooms into the crown jewel of their homes, few realize the complexities involved. Questions abound from the design through construction [...]

How Much It Costs to Remodel a Southwest Florida Bathroom

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How to Get the Most Value from Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel The demand for bathroom remodeling is at an all time high, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic. More people are spending more time than ever before at home, and their Wish Lists are bubbling to the top of “Gotta Have” lists, especially when [...]

Aging-In-Place Bathroom Remodeling That Is Both Stylish and Functional

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Many homeowners who are in retirement or planning for it find that it makes sense both financially and emotionally to stay put and renovate their home for easier living. Not surprisingly, bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to consider renovating when planning for long-term living in your home. And, focusing on your bathroom’s long-term [...]

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