Spring historically represents a period of rebirth and renewal. It marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of longer, warmer days. It typically also marks a period when homeowners perform a thorough deep cleaning and take stock of any projects they want to complete in their homes over the next several months. Some projects might be minor, like painting a room or cleaning out the garage. Other projects, however, might be more extensive – like a kitchen, bathroom, a whole house remodel, a room addition, or even an outdoor living space or backyard oasis. If you’re in the latter boat and are eyeing a more extensive remodeling project, Progressive Design Build is proud to serve as your partner in the Southwest Florida area. And despite the challenges we’re all facing right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s no time like the present to act on any type of a home remodel or room addition. Here’s a look at seven reasons why:

7 Reasons to Plan Your Remodel Today

1. You Likely Know Exactly What You Want

Let’s face it, as you’ve sheltered in place during this crisis, chances are you’ve spent a fair amount of time sizing up your home and thinking of how you can improve it. In some cases, that improvement might be the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. In other cases, it might be an extension off your family room that you can turn into a comfortable home office or exercise space. Or maybe a spa-like bathroom where you can take the time to escape from the stresses of the day. Whatever it is that you want for your home, now is the time to talk to a trusted remodeling contractor about its inefficiencies.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home into even more of the home of your dreams.

2. Low-Interest Rates

Chances are you’ll need some sort of financing to pull off any major home renovation or addition – and there’s no time like the present to act. Interest rates are at near-historic lows, making it a great time to apply for a loan. Simply put, by securing financing for any home renovation project now, you’ll see your money going much further, and later with plenty of options to choose from.

3. It Lends Itself Well to Video Conferencing

One of the nice things about kick-starting any home remodeling project with Progressive Design Build is that we can handle so much of the early phases of the process via video conferencing. While we always prefer to meet our clients and see what we’re working with in person, in times like these, erring on the side of caution is important. And being that there’s so much that we can do via a virtual consultation, we can actually streamline the process and work efficiently without having to meet face-to-face. Here’s what you can expect during a virtual consultation with us:

  • A thorough explanation of our services and capabilities.
  • We’ll ask you to take us on a virtual tour of your space.
  • We’ll provide a ballpark estimate and timeline for any work you’re seeking.

Another nice thing about a virtual consultation is that anyone in your household can join it to learn about our process. We’re always happy to answer questions and want everyone who will benefit from any remodel or addition to be completely comfortable with the work we’ll be performing.

From the initial consultation and virtual walk-through to writing and finalizing design agreements, documents, architectural drawings, selections, and permits, there’s little you can’t accomplish online that you otherwise couldn’t do in person. Utilizing a company, like Progressive Design Build that has had experience with this technology is key.

4. Prepare Now to Beat the Rush

Once local economies are again fully operational, there’s bound to be a significant “catch up” period that we’ll all have to account for. We’ll likely see an uptick in work, municipalities will see an uptick in permit applications, and banks are likely to see more loan applications coming their way. All of these factors are going to delay how soon we’ll be able to start any remodel or addition once things open back up. It’s why now is the time to act to beat the rush that’s likely to come – and we’re here to help. We’re still actively working on design plans now.

5. Lesser Demand Means Faster Completed Work

To piggyback off the above point, there’s less demand for remodeling and additions right now – and you can make this work to your advantage beyond just beating the rush. By acting now, you can also expect to see your project finished faster as well. With fewer overall jobs in the queue, we’re performing work more quickly, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your remodel or addition sooner than you would in the normal springtime activity. All remodels or additions come with some disruption and inconvenience. Reducing such can positively impact your project.

6. You’re Supporting Local Business in a Time When it’s Most Needed

It’s no secret that times are tough right now – both for many Americans and for the businesses that help drive local economies. As a local business, when you work with Progressive Design Build, you won’t just be helping us, but you’ll be helping support jobs for all of the professionals that will be working on your project. You’ve likely heard of the importance of supporting and buying local, and the benefits of such could not be more true in a situation such as this.

7. We Won’t Jeopardize Your Safety or Well-Being

As you go through the process and as it becomes time for us to start physical work on your remodel or addition, we can assure you that we won’t jeopardize your safety or well-being while we’re on your property. Construction, by and large, is already a very safe profession – a big part of the reason why it has been deemed “essential work” by nearly every state that has issued shelter-in-place guidelines throughout the pandemic. And at Progressive Design Build, we’re following state and CDC guidelines to ensure that it remains safe in this era of COVID-19. This includes ensuring workers are outfitted with the right PPE, social distancing on job sites, frequent hand washing (including adding portable hand washing stations to every site), rigorous disinfection of commonly touched surfaces or tools, and more. We always take safety seriously, and we’re happy to explain in detail the extra steps we’re taking during these times to keep our workers, projects, and your household safe.

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For more information on our remodeling and additions, contact Progressive Design Build today. Now’s an ideal time to reach out to us to move any home improvement plans in motion. Feel free to visit our website to see our portfolio of finished projects we’ve completed in the area, and then contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. We’re eager to learn about what it is you’re looking for in any remodel or home addition, and we’re happy to set up a no-obligation virtual consultation to tell you more about how we can make your residence even more of the home of your dreams. Contact us today for more information.