Creating a wet room offers a modern and luxurious bathing experience, but embarking on your project requires careful planning and execution. That’s where a design-build firm becomes invaluable, presenting a streamlined approach that seamlessly integrates the design and construction processes under a single point of accountability. In this post, we’ll explore the considerations and challenges of designing the ideal wet room, along with the benefits of partnering with a design-build firm to create a wet room in your Southwest Florida home.

What Exactly Is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a versatile and functional bathroom design that has been growing in popularity due to its practicality. However, unlike traditional bathrooms, wet rooms are designed to be completely waterproof, eliminating the need for a separate shower enclosure or bathtub. This seamless design creates a spacious and open environment, making it ideal for individuals with limited mobility or those seeking a contemporary look and convenience for their bathroom.

What Are the Benefits of a Wet Room?

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Wet rooms offer a range of benefits that contribute to their popularity in modern bathroom design:

Space Savings

The absence of a separate shower enclosure or bathtub maximizes available space, making wet rooms ideal for smaller bathrooms or compact living environments.

Easy to Clean

The seamless, waterproof design minimizes the risk of mold and mildew growth and reduces the need for intensive scrubbing and upkeep.

Increased Design Options

The barrier-free layout allows for greater flexibility in layout and aesthetics. Homeowners can customize their wet room with a wide range of tiles, fixtures and finishes.


A barrier-free design makes wet rooms easily accessible for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities. It can also future-proof the space.

Maximized Natural Light

Without the obstruction of shower enclosures or bulky fixtures, wet rooms allow natural light to flow freely throughout the space.

Modern Aesthetic

Wet rooms offer a sleek and contemporary look, with clean lines, minimalist design and seamless finishes.

Improved Property Value

Wet rooms are viewed as desirable features on the resale market due to their practicality, accessibility and modern appeal.

Challenges to Having a Wet Room

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While wet rooms offer numerous benefits, there are also potential challenges that can include the following:

Lack of Privacy

As wet rooms typically do not feature separate shower enclosures or curtain, the open-plan layout may not be suitable for individuals who value privacy while bathing, or those who prefer to have a designated showering area separate from the rest of the bathroom.

Everything Gets Wet

Without the containment of a shower enclosure or bathtub, water can splash onto nearby surfaces including toilets, sinks and even the vanity cabinetry. To mitigate water damage, it is recommended to use materials and finishes that can withstand moisture exposure and are easy to clean. Proper ventilation is also crucial to prevent moisture buildup and maintain a dry, hygienic environment.

Can Feel Colder

Wet rooms can sometimes feel colder than traditional bathrooms, especially in cooler seasons. The absence of enclosed spaces can result in drafts and air circulation. To address this challenge, homeowners could install underfloor heating or radiant heat panels to maintain a comfortable temperature. Appropriate wall and floor insulation can also help retain heat and improve thermal comfort.


The absence of enclosed spaces and hard surfaces can result in increased sound transmission, leading to a louder and less private bathing experience. Sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic ceiling panels or wall insulation can help minimize noise levels within the wet room. Additionally, soft furnishings or textiles may help dampen sound.


The abundance of natural light can sometimes be excessive and may contribute to glare or discomfort, particularly in bathrooms with large windows or skylights. To address this, homeowners can install window treatments such as blinds or frosted glass to diffuse sunlight and maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to filter into the space. Use strategic placement of lighting fixtures and dimmer switches to help to control brightness.

Important Installation Considerations When Planning Your Wet Room

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When planning installation of your Southwest Florida wet room, review these key considerations:


Waterproofing is used to prevent water damage and support the wet room’s integrity, and the entire wet room floor and walls must be properly waterproofed to create a seamless barrier against moisture penetration. This typically involves applying a waterproof membrane or tanking system to the substrate before tiling or surface finishing. High-quality waterproofing materials, close adherence to manufacturer guidelines and attention to detail, particularly in areas prone to water exposure such as corners, joints and transitions between different surfaces are essential elements to a successful outcome.


Drainage is critical to ensure efficient water removal and prevent pooling or stagnation. Proper drainage design involves sloping the floor towards a central drain or linear system to facilitate water’s rapid evacuation from the wet room. The floor’s slope must be carefully calculated to achieve optimal drainage without compromising the bathroom’s overall aesthetics or functionality. The choice of drain type and size should be selected based on the anticipated water flow rates and specific requirements of the wet room design. Regular maintenance of drains is also required to prevent clogging.

Other Considerations

Structural integrity, ventilation and accessibility are other installation considerations that must be addressed. Structural modifications may be necessary to support the weight of wet room features and accommodate plumbing and drainage systems. Adequate ventilation is needed to control humidity levels and prevent moisture buildup and may involve installing mechanical ventilation systems such as extractor fans or ventilation windows. And careful planning of layout, fixture placement and entryway design may be required to ensure accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities.

Some Design Considerations When Planning Your Wet Room

When planning the design of your wet room, these considerations can help ensure a functional, pleasing and personalized space:

Contemporary Shower RemodelTile Selection

Choose tiles that are durable, slip-resistant and easy to clean—especially for the wet room floor. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are popular choices for their water-resistant properties and design options. Consider contrasting or coordinating tiles for walls to add visual interest.

Glass Partition vs. Completely Open

A glass partition can provide a sense of enclosure and privacy for the shower area while still maintaining a spacious and open feel. It can also help contain water splashes. On the other hand, a completely open layout can create a seamless and minimalist look, and is ideal for maximizing space and promoting accessibility.

Types and Locations of Fixtures

When it comes to fixtures in your wet room, plan the placement of the shower, sink and toilet to ensure efficient use of space and convenient access. Wall-mounted fixtures can free up floor space while recessed niches or shelves can provide storage for toiletries and bath essentials. Incorporating adjustable or handheld showerheads can enhance versability and accessibility for all ages and abilities.


Incorporate a combination of overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to create an inviting and well-lit environment. Waterproof and moisture-resistant lighting fixtures are a must! Consider installing dimmer switches or adjustable lighting options to customize your lighting levels and activities.

Sink and Vanity Selection

Wall-mounted or pedestal sinks are popular wet room choices to conserve space while creating a modern, minimalist look. Consider the size and configuration of the vanity to ensure adequate storage for towels, toiletries and other essentials, and opt for moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean materials such as quartz or solid surface countertops.

Primary Bathroom RemodelTub vs. No Tub

If space allows, you may want to include a freestanding or built-in bathtub with a waterproof surround. Alternatively, a spacious walk-in shower with a bench or seating area can provide a luxurious and accessible bathing experience without the need for a tub.


Consider placing the toilet in a corner or alcove to maximize floor space and create a sense of separation from other wet room fixtures such as the shower or sink area. Look for features that enhance comfort, convenience and maintenance ease such as soft-close lids, dual-flush mechanisms and rimless bowl designs. And to prevent moisture buildup, install an exhaust fan or ventilation system to ensure adequate airflow and ventilation around the toilet. Grab bars or support rails near the toilet can also add stability and assistance, enhancing safety in the wet room.

Hire a Qualified Design Build Firm for your Southwest Florida Wet Room

One of the primary benefits of hiring a qualified design-build firm to design and construct your wet room is the seamless integration between the design and construction processes. This streamlines communication, coordination and project management from start to finish. Working with a single, experienced team of professionals like Progressive Design Build, you can avoid potential delays, miscommunications and conflicts that could arise when dealing with multiple contractors or vendors.

At Progressive, our expertise in creating wet rooms can save you time and money by streamlining your project timeline. Our comprehensive approach helps us to identify and address potential issues early on to prevent costly delays. Your project is guaranteed to stay on track and within budget.

You’ll enjoy a single point of contact and accountability throughout the design-build process, from initial concept development and design revisions to construction progress updates and post-construction support. And you’ll appreciate our established relationships with reputable suppliers, subcontractors and craftsmen who will deliver the highest quality products.

Our goal at Progressive Design Build is to ensure that every aspect of your Southwest Florida wet room meets your expectations of excellence and durability. We want to be your design build choice for all your remodeling projects!

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