Complete Home Remodel in Estero, FL


This home was initially purchased as a retirement sanctuary, representing a significant shift from condominium living that had been their norm for many years. While condo life offered convenience, they craved more privacy and room to truly make their own. Though the current style of the home was neutral, it simply didn’t resonate with their personal taste.

Drawing inspiration from their primary residence in California, renowned for its sleek and invigorating design, they sought to infuse this house with a similar sense of vitality. Their eagerness for transformation was so palpable that they initially engaged a handyman to kickstart the demolition process. However, realizing the magnitude of the endeavor and the need for professional guidance, they ultimately turned to us to bring their vision to life.


The remodel solution for this client was a seamless process, as she possessed a clear vision and preferred a straightforward approach. Desiring a home environment characterized by cleanliness, simplicity, and serenity, she articulated her preferences with ease.

Her discerning eye led her to select LVP flooring, providing the beauty of wood planks with the ease of maintenance. The pièce de résistance of the project was undoubtedly the kitchen countertops, crafted from stunning Quartzite Labradorite that evoked the depth of outer space.

In selecting appliances, she and her partner favored simplicity and efficiency, opting for GE Cafe in a matte black finish to add a touch of warmth to the kitchen. A larder cabinet was incorporated to streamline the organization of their coffee station, ensuring both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

In the guest hall bath, she curated a space inspired by nature, utilizing wave tiles and light greens to evoke a spa-like atmosphere. The stylish and functional vanity reflects her preference for clean lines and ample storage.

In the primary bath, a collaborative effort resulted in a serene retreat featuring mirrored accents to enhance brightness and eliminate the need for traditional vanity lights. By eschewing a built-in tub and opting for minimalist design elements, the space exudes a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Throughout the project, the client’s discerning taste and commitment to simplicity guided every decision, resulting in a home that perfectly embodies her vision of understated elegance and practical luxury.


We transformed the kitchen layout by removing the existing pantry and closing off an outdated plant shelf above to create a seamless full wall housing the refrigerator, pantry, and oven. This strategic adjustment not only preserved the spacious feel of the area but also ensured easy access to these essential elements. By eliminating the protruding features, we achieved a more cohesive and visually appealing design while enhancing functionality.

Additionally, we made the decision to remove a secondary island with a sink, which had previously created a bottleneck of inefficiencies within the workspace. This redesign resulted in a more streamlined and efficient kitchen layout, allowing for better flow and utilization of space.

The end result is a kitchen that exudes openness and airiness, inviting you in with its welcoming ambiance and encouraging you to linger and savor every moment spent within its confines.

BEFOREKitchen Remodel with Large Island
BEFOREGuest Bathroom with Rolling door on Tub