Remodeling an Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace in Southwest Florida

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Many homeowners appreciate a fireplace in Southwest Florida. They enjoy the glow of the flame during a romantic dinner or the ambiance it gives to a family gathering. You may feel the same. If [...]

What You Should Know Before Remodeling Your Southwest Florida Condo

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Remodeling is a huge task, no matter where you live or what type of home you live in. If you’ve been through a remodel before, you may feel comfortable with the process. But, remodeling [...]

Phases of a Major Remodeling Project and What to Expect

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A major remodeling project involves a step-by-step process that must be done in sequence. Each phase builds upon the previous one, from initial design conception to site preparation to the final walk-through. Understanding the sequence [...]

Remodel vs. Renovation and Why You Should Know the Difference

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If you’re ready to make some changes to your home, it helps to speak the same language as your building professional. Many homeowners use the words remodel and renovate interchangeably. But, in fact, there [...]

Helpful Tips to Living In Your Southwest Florida Home While Remodeling

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Living in your home during a remodel causes stress for everyone involved. The constant activity, dust, and noise wreak havoc for those who appreciate their quiet lives. But if you don’t have the option [...]

5 Top Reasons to Choose a Smaller Remodeling Firm

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Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better You’re finally ready to pull the trigger on your home remodeling project but are unsure who to hire to do the work. If, after asking for recommendations from friends [...]

Buying a House to Remodel, 9 Keys to Consider

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Homebuyers are facing a shortage of options like never before. According to, the inventory of homes for sale are at a “historically low level for this time of year.” Though the number of [...]

Take Your Interior Remodel to New Heights with These Top 7 Ceiling Treatments

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Everyone made fun of Chicken Little, but the plucky clucker had a point when it comes to your home remodel: Don’t forget to look up, and make the most of your ceilings. Also called [...]

Know Your Experts! Learn the Differences Between an Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, and Architectural Designer

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Understanding the Differences Remodeling your home is serious business, requiring seasoned experts. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen, creating a room addition or den, or transforming your backyard into a luxurious outdoor space, [...]

4 Steps to a Terrific Southwest Florida Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

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Outdoor living spaces are a hot trend in home renovation, especially popular in Southwest Florida where the year-round weather is so accommodating. Inspired homeowners are indulging their creativity and expanding their square footage by transforming [...]

Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Southwest Florida Home

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Choosing the right flooring for your Southwest Florida home remodel is never as simple as picking out your favorite colors and textures. Instead, there are a range of factors to consider, including price, style, [...]

Incorporating Wellness Design into Your Southwest Florida Home

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These days, Southwest Florida homeowners are paying close attention to how their surroundings affect their physical, mental, and even spiritual health. They have gained a new appreciation for the impact their homes have on [...]

Costs to Remodel a Southwest Florida Outdoor Living Space

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How much time do you spend in your backyard? Are you imagining yourself relaxing in a beautiful oasis right outside your door? Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, homeowners have been forced to stay in their [...]

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