In the First 27 Years

By Michael Spreckelmeier, President & Owner Progressive Builders, Inc.

Wow! 27 years! However, with a quick glance in the mirror and the reflection, on reflection becomes real. Blessed indeed, lucky indeed, however luck… “Luck is the residue of design.”

It was 1989, at 28 years old, I was sure that I knew it all. I felt the secret to success was to be diversified, the more services I could provide the better off I would be. I laugh when I look back on the fact that I “Specialized” in, Custom Homes, Remodeling, Piling home enclosures, Boat Lifts, Docks and Seawall repair …Specialized!

Now, I know in my heart, that was only Chapter 1 in a book of Dreams. In my vision from the decision in 1989 I could have never imagined all the lives that would be touched over the next 27 years. Now I know that, this life was all a plan, it was a plan set in place by Drive, Hard work and a quest for “Success”. Success, we are reminded is “The progressive realization of a worthy Goal” (Earl Nightingale). Well given the definition, I have found it, I have found success. I found it under countless hours of service, study and application.

In the first 27 years I have learned so much. In 1996 I learned a new word, “Kaizen”. Kaizen means constant improvement. I learned that a Team Approach is the best approach to provide the “Best Remodeling Experience Possible.” Now the word “I” is used on a limited basis.  Now, we all live by Kaizen. Our team has vison, our team is client centric and WE all know the importance of our relations. We know that if we do our best to improve our focus on our systems, our education and especially our Clients that we will continue to push forward with Kaizen, and “Success.”

Today, we have the best team that we have ever had. Our company is STRONG. We want to thank all of our clients over the years that trusted us with your homes. You have allowed us in your sanctuary and around your families. We all thank you for your trust and confidence.

Thank you for your patience, thank you for your time, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to create a better lifestyle for you and yours.

Lastly, I thank God for everything. I thank Him for my Team, my unique gifts, and I thank Him for the clients He has provided over the last 27 years. Today the Sun lights the day of a new dawn, another opportunity and another Chapter in the book of Dreams.