By Michael Spreckelmeier, President & Owner Progressive Builders, Inc.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving is not as commercialized as Christmas, or Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day. Thanksgiving is a time for family, a time to share with loved ones and a time to be grateful. I personally love the grateful part. We are blessed indeed and Thanksgiving is a day to slow our pace and to gather with family and celebrate the love of family.

On Thanksgiving, yes there is limitless food for most of us but it is the reflection of gratitude and what we are thankful for that touches my heart. For many years’ I was blessed to have Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Most people tell terrible stories about their in-laws but that was never the case for me. We would drive to Cocoa Beach and spend the long weekend. My wife’s parents welcomed me and loved me and treated me with the upmost respect. I haven’t been there for Thanksgiving since 2009. My father in law was a retired Colonel in the Army and let’s just say we had similarities that created an unbreakable bond. When he would say that dinner was at 3 pm “By God that meant 3 pm”, not 2:55 and not 3:05. I loved him like a father and honestly he was the father I never had. He went to be with the Lord in 2010 and I miss him all the time. My mother in law is just as special. She now lives in Fort Myers, and I am still grateful for all the love she shared for those years.

With my family, well we were a little less regimented. We were like “Ahh well let’s eat in the afternoon” was more our style (but my natural is more military like). One Thanksgiving when we lived on an Island near Pine Island we had an all seafood Thanksgiving and of all seafood we caught ourselves, that was one of my Favorites.

Now we celebrate with my family in Fort Myers. It is great. We all gather and share much laughter and good food. We share the things that we are grateful for and the love we share. Liz (my wife) likes the more laid back approach and me, well I still want to know, what time should we arrive, what should I bring, what time do we eat, who will be attending this year and more, I guess that is the progressive builders side of me, hey, don’t hold it against me.

This year, I honestly hope that you and your family have a very special Thanksgiving. I hope that you share the day with your loved ones, I hope you enjoy your parents, your spouse, your children and/ or your grandchildren. I hope your day is filled with food, love, blessings and more. I hope you can share all that you are grateful for and I hope that you create your own memories, so that you too can reflect on the day and realize just how lucky you are for your loved ones. Today is the day that we create tomorrow’s memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!