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Why Choosing a Design Build Firm is a Smart Decision for Your Home Addition

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Designing and building a home addition is a complicated home remodeling project, even for professionals. Building a full-room addition transforms not only the layout of your home but also its overall structural integrity and functionality. From digging and modifying foundations to framing and finishing the new interior, the complexities of the job are manifold. Yet [...]

Why Remodeling for Multiple Functions Should Be a Key Design Component for your Next Home Remodel

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In the realm of home design and remodeling, there is a growing trend that goes beyond merely updating aesthetics or increasing square footage. Homeowners are seeking versatility, adaptability and functionality in their living space. Rooms are no longer designated for singular purposes; today, remodeling for multiple functions has emerged as a key design component, breathing [...]

5 Tips for Designing the Ideal Home Office

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Photo Courtesy of Homes Alternative Workers across the nation are transforming their spare rooms and kitchen tables into centers of productivity waiting for the stay-at-home mandate to lift and an "all-clear" message on the coronavirus. Even before the pandemic struck, remote work was accelerating in the U.S. The share of the labor force that works from [...]

Room Addition Trends You Will Love in 2019

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It’s a puzzle many homeowners encounter: after a few years or a lifestyle change, certain spaces in your home just don’t work anymore. It could be there’s not enough space for guests; aging parents need to move in; a job change requires a real home office; the kitchen becomes too cramped for your culinary passions, [...]

What is the Right Size for a Home Addition?

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Whether you need a room addition for family or frequent visitors, want a larger entertainment space, or a new home office, there are many reasons you may want to add a room. But there’s one critical element you need to decide early in the process: size. Just sticking another room onto your house isn’t always the [...]

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