Santiago Remodeling Assistant

Santiago Herrera

Remodeling Assistant

Santiago’s journey in home renovation began eight years ago in Naples. Starting as a tile contractor’s apprentice, his passion for the craft quickly grew. He transitioned to a painting contractor, gaining hands-on experience in diverse construction facets. Across residential and commercial projects, Santiago has tackled it all – from meticulous tilework to flawless painting. Before joining Progressive Design Build, he honed his renovation skills for several years with a local company.

At Progressive Design Build, Santiago takes on the crucial role of overseeing and coordinating all construction site activities in line with project blueprints and schedules. He manages subcontractors, conducts quality control and safety checks, and provides on-site direction to ensure everything runs smoothly.

His expertise lies in carpentry, drywall, and painting, and he takes immense pride in delivering high-end work to clients, ensuring every detail is perfect. Santiago finds excitement in the diversity of each project, relishing the opportunity to learn and expand his skills as he grows with the company.

Outside of work, Santiago enjoys the simple pleasures of life. He loves a good workout and spending weekends at the beach or pool with his kids and family. A dedicated foodie, he delights in exploring restaurants around the area with his loved ones.