White Primary Bathroom Remodel in Bonita Springs, FL


Embarking on a comprehensive transformation to meet both functional and aesthetic aspirations, our clients sought a complete overhaul for their primary bathroom. Dissatisfied with the existing non-functional shower, they aimed to eliminate the step-down and improve the overall layout, leading to the removal of all existing glass blocks.

Prioritizing natural light, especially in the water closet, the objective was to infuse the space with a lighter, brighter, and modern feel. They also wanted separate his-and-her showers with a seamless zero-entry, increased storage capacity with separate vanities, and a tankless water heater.


Our design team completely redesigned this primary bathroom, adding functional features designed to enhance comfort, accessibility, and storage. Two separate showers offer personalized showering experiences, featuring diverse spray options from gentle mist to invigorating massage. A spacious, light-filled shower with glass enclosure and natural light creates a spa-like retreat, while the zero-entry design with separate entrances ensures ease of use for all.

A long freestanding tub caters to taller individuals, providing a luxurious soaking haven. Dual vanities with ample counter space and abundant storage, illuminated by new ceiling and vanity lighting, cater to individual needs. Durable and stylish granite countertops with integrated soap edges and shelves offer practical and attractive surfaces. Additional storage solutions at each vanity, a dedicated linen closet, and a separate water closet with quartz countertops and soap accents maximize storage potential.


Faced with the task of retaining the existing window and bathroom entrance door locations, we navigated the challenge by relocating all plumbing drains. A pivotal aspect of the remodel involved sourcing the perfect 72” freestanding tub — one that not only met the clients’ preferences but also added a touch of beauty to the space.


The redesigned layout now features separate his-and-her showers with a seamless zero-entry design. Introducing distinct vanities and increased storage capacity addressed their need for a more organized and efficient space. Notably, the inclusion of a tankless hot water heater aligns with their commitment to modern convenience and energy efficiency. This renovated primary bathroom now harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics, meeting the unique needs and desires of our clients.

BeforeWhite Primary Bathroom Remodel in Bonita Springs, FL