We’re honored to have a guest blogger for this post from Stephanie Henley of Beasley & Henley Interior Design

If your home is causing you stress, it is time for a change. Your home is your haven so creating a sanctuary will provide a space to relax and unwind.

If you don’t want to renovate every room in your house, then find a room or space you can transform into your own personal oasis. Imagine a place that calms your nerves and lets you block the rest of the world out.

Sound like dream? It doesn’t have to be difficult!

Seek Out a Space: The first thing to do is to find a space in your home, maybe a sun porch or a basement room, or an overlooked space that can be transformed into a peaceful sanctuary. Find a space that makes you feel removed from the rest of the world, and then make it your own. Try to use a space that you don’t already associate with something possibly stress inducing — like work.

Bring Your Personality In: Now that you have found a space, your goal is to make it an extension of you. Find pieces of furniture that speak to you. You may need a comfy chair, a writing desk or a crafting area. Finding pieces that fit your style and needs will help with your ability to relax in the space.

Focus on the Color Palette: Finding colors that soothe your soul and create a peaceful feeling will help create a perfect sanctuary. Colors such as bright reds and oranges can often over energize us and often dark colors can leave us feeling depressed. Choosing soothing colors such as greens, blues and purples can bring calm and relaxation. If you are hoping to seek inspiration from your room then yellow may be a good choice.

Incorporate Pieces You Love: Find pieces that you love. It’s quite possible they are already laying all about your home. Gathering them in one spot can transform an ordinary room into one you associate with only positive emotions. Maybe the item you love most is a favorite lamp, a family heirloom or a journal. Whether you already have it or you need to search it out, having it in your oasis will bring a sense of enjoyment and leave you feeling happier.

Peace and Quiet: Making your oasis a peaceful space will not help if noise becomes a distraction. Using fabrics such as heavy curtains, rugs and cushions along with pictures and other wall hangings can muffle noise from the outside. A water feature may help give your brain a peaceful sound to focus on while in your special space.

Keep it Clean and Clear: Having your favorite things in your space does not mean an invitation for clutter. Clutter and overdoing it on furnishings and accessories can bring stress to a space. Keeping your interior design uncluttered will help keep you feeling lighter and give you space to move in.

Natural Elements: Adding live plants to your area will help filter out toxins and increase oxygen flow. Many studies also show that adding greenery to a space can help keep depression and anxiety at bay. Find indoor plants that meet the right light requirements for your space.

Keep Distractions Out: To keep a sense of peace in your place, you will want to make sure it is not a multipurpose space. Let this sanctuary keep its purpose by keeping work, homework and other distractions outside of the space.

Scent It: Different smells do different things for people. Some smells remind us of peaceful days gone by, whilst others can be emotionally distracting. Whether it be through candles, incense or objects such as cinnamon sticks, bringing the right relaxing scent can add the final touch your oasis.

Using interior design to turn an unused or underutilized space in your home into a sanctuary can help you relax, unwind and reduce stress levels. If you are feeling stressed by the thought of decorating your own space, an interior design expert could be the answer. Just knowing that you have that room to go to at the end of the day can be enough to leave you feeling more at peace.