BuilderTREND is a progress tracking and management tool that is revolutionizing the construction and remodeling industry, and it has proven to be equally revolutionary to you, our customers.

BuilderTREND is the #1 Cloud-based home builder and remodeler software for good reason, and what we like most about this technology is that it makes customers’ lives easier in three significant ways:  It enables the team at Progressive Builders to create more accurate estimates for you, allows managers to spend more time “on the job” to ensure quality and efficiency, and facilitates our communication with you.

Accurate Estimates

Selecting a contractor to expand or remodel your home can be an overwhelming responsibility for home owners. You want the job done right, but an accurate estimate is extremely important as well. No one likes surprises when it comes to cost, especially after demolition and/or construction begins. While some things are unforeseeable, such as faulty plumbing or electrical hidden behind walls, Progressive Builders takes pride in the thoroughness and accuracy of the estimates we provide. BuilderTREND technology helps us create more accurate estimates by cataloging previously completed projects so we can reference and compare your estimate to similar jobs. It also enables us to send bid requests quickly and collaborate efficiently with our team so we get the valuable input we need from all of our partners for an accurate quote.

When potential clients understand this, it makes the decision to remodel less intimidating.

“I have shared my BuilderTREND page with a friend of mine, and he was so impressed he hired you do remodel his master bathroom on Fort Myers Beach last year,” said Brian, a customer who used us to remodel his master bathroom, two guest bathrooms and a laundry room at his home in Bonita Bay, Fla.

More Time “On The Job”

We would never suggest time in the office isn’t time well spent, but there are significant advantages to working from the field. Quality control is our number one priority, and we want to be on the job whenever workers are present to ensure quality and precision at every turn. Additionally, instant access to critical plans and documents in the field saves precious time, and BuilderTREND helps us accomplish it all.

We can update and monitor the construction schedule, and share photos, blueprints and project notes with you in real time. We can even annotate plans and other critical documents to facilitate teamwork and understanding in the field. In short, BuilderTREND improves your experience by making it easier for us to communicate with you, our customers, without ever leaving the jobsite.

Customers enjoy this benefit of BuilderTREND as much as we do. As Roy, another Bonita Bay customer put it, “BuilderTREND is one of my favorite things about your process!” Roy’s remodel included a kitchen, a wet bar, painting and beautiful new wood flooring, which would be a major undertaking for any homeowner, but we made the experience easy with great customer service using this technology.

Customer Service

We invest in this technology primarily to make your job as a homeowner easier. You don’t have to be “on the job” any more than you want to be, because you know when we are there, and you can check in anytime you like. BuilderTREND keeps us connected with you, on your terms, whether you’re at a business meeting down the road, enjoying time with family out of state, or traveling the world. Through BuilderTREND you can approve selections, make change orders, track costs, review schedules and punch lists, and even make online payments – wherever you are, at any time.

For example, one customer, John, was able to have his kitchen remodeled and the entire house re-floored and painted while he was out of town for the winter.

“We spend six months per year in Bonita Bay and winter in Wisconsin,” explains John. “BuilderTREND allowed us to understand our project and know the weekly progress, GREAT TOOL!”

Also, we value your opinions, and BuilderTREND helps us send and analyze customer surveys so we can continually enhance customer service based on your feedback.

We are glad to have BuilderTREND as a tool to increase our company efficiencies but we invest in this technology because of the way it enhances and streamlines the building experience for you. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we use BuilderTREND to make your next project easier.