Primary and Pool Bathroom Remodels in Bonita Springs, FL

Homeowner Need

This remodeling project focused on transforming the primary and pool bathrooms as part of a comprehensive interior renovation in Bonita Springs, FL.

Remodeling Solution

We took a detailed approach to redesign both bathrooms, incorporating walk-in showers, grab bars, ample lighting, non-slip flooring, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Quartz countertops were seamlessly integrated into the design, providing a lifestyle of minimal maintenance. The bathrooms were strategically designed with minimal grout lines for effortless cleaning, enhancing the overall convenience of the homeowner’s daily routine.

Primary Bathroom

We opted for lighter tones in the primary bathroom, utilizing soft grays and browns and durable Porcelain flooring to create a bright and spacious atmosphere. The design included a custom floating single vanity crafted from Crystal Cabinetry and elegant Cambria Quartz countertops. A Wave Crackle Glass Mosaic wall backsplash above the vanity, complemented by brushed nickel hardware, added a modern and upscale touch to the open bathing space. Mirrors with integrated lighting were strategically placed on the mosaic wall, introducing an extra illumination layer.

Incorporating a large soaking tub in front of a tiled half wall with a glass partition provided visual interest and the ultimate relaxation. Finally, adding a built-in linen closet maximized both style and functionality.

Pool Bathroom

In the pool bathroom, we introduced black hardware for a touch of intrigue, and black grout was selected for the open shower, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Additional shower features included a linear drain, shower niche, and river rock tile on the floor, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.