Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

You’re finally ready to pull the trigger on your home remodeling project but are unsure who to hire to do the work. If, after asking for recommendations from friends and co-workers, you have a long list to narrow down, you may be able to eliminate some of the options based solely on size. Large, national firms have their place. But there are several reasons to choose a smaller, local remodeling firm for your project. We discuss them here.

Local Home Remodeling Contractors are Invested in the Community

NeighborhoodBuying local doesn’t apply solely to artists, small grocery stores, or Main Street boutiques. The same principle applies to choosing a service firm. When you work with a small to mid-size remodeling firm, more money stays in your community. A local contractor contributes to the regional economy by employing your neighbors and purchasing supplies from local vendors.

In addition, a smaller firm is familiar with the area. The contractors have a working relationship with local building inspectors, understand the local permitting process, and have go-to subcontractors from the region. And since they live where they work, local contractors are aware of environmental factors like weather patterns and soil conditions which affect the building process.

You’ve chosen your neighborhood because you like the location, amenities, schools, and more. The same goes for those who work for local service businesses. The employees of a smaller remodeling firm care about the community as much as you do because they live there, too. And, the firm does its best work so as to uphold its reputation in the area. 

NeighborsHomeowners Can See the Work of a Local Firm

A large, perhaps national remodeling firm offers a large portfolio of projects and testimonials from past customers for your perusal. But many of those clients will live hundreds of miles from you. If you work with a small to mid-size design/build firm, you can see its work just a few blocks over. Its references are local and, perhaps, from someone you already know in the community. 

Also, when your contractor has a local office, it makes face-to-face meetings with the entire team easier.

With a Small Firm, the Homeowner is More Than a Number

A smaller firm can pay more attention to detail and spend more time catering to its clients than a larger firm that treats clients as a number. The project manager of a small remodeling firm becomes the single point of contact for the homeowner and communicates personally with them, either through his cell phone number or the client portal of the firm’s project management software. The superintendents of small to mid-size firms have dedicated projects they see through to the end, instead of being overloaded, which is a risk to quality control.

Employees of a Small to Mid-size Firm Are Dedicated to the Company

Small, Local Business

When a person works with others in the same community, supporting each other and the local economy, they have a singular purpose. For this reason, employees of a more modest-sized firm are dedicated to their employers. The company’s culture, values, and commitments to the client are paramount for everyone from the superintendent and project manager to the trim carpenter and delivery driver. 

Many large firms remind employees how replaceable they are. One face is just the same as the next. Smaller firms, however, value their employees and invest in them more because they want them to stay and grow both as individuals and as part of a team. 

The hiring process with a smaller firm takes longer because it wants employees who will fit the company culture, become team players, and are client-centric. It wants employees who base their decisions on the company’s values, whether a supervisor is watching them or not.

Smaller Firms Communicate with Homeowners When Problems Arise

Client Communication

Remodeling your home may be the most exciting project you’ve ever done. Or, it could be the most frustrating. We all know that problems can arise with any home remodeling project. But what softens those hiccups in the process is good communication. If you’ve ever been frustrated by unreturned phone calls because the person on the other end didn’t want to disappointing news, you know how that feels. 

Project managers from small to mid-size design/build firms have learned that if they’re open and honest with their clients and communicate with them, the client understands delays. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the building industry has experienced delays in the supply chain like never before. Everything from electrical fixtures to lumber has either been difficult to obtain or skyrocketed in price. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the price of framing lumber quadrupled between April 2020 May 2021, adding over $30,000 to the price of a new home build.  

In times like these, project managers of smaller firms inform their clients early in the process of the ramifications these supply chain issues could bring into their project. Armed with this information helps homeowners set realistic expectations regarding design options, fixture availability, and deadlines. Consequently, with a small, local design/build contractor, you’re never kept in the dark about your project’s progress.

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