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Take Your Interior Remodel to New Heights with These Top 7 Ceiling Treatments

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Everyone made fun of Chicken Little, but the plucky clucker had a point when it comes to your home remodel: Don’t forget to look up, and make the most of your ceilings. Also called the “5th Wall,” these often neglected spaces have the potential to make a good renovation great by taking advantage of an [...]

2021 Home Design Trends to Watch For in Southwest Florida

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Every new year brings new beginnings, and an optimism to start afresh. This is particularly true following one of the most challenging years in recent history. As our lifestyles have changed, so too have our homes. Designers are acutely aware of these changes and are already thinking about how designs must account for ways to [...]

How To Choose the Best Contemporary Paint Colors for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

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Did you know that there are languages that have no words? Color is one of those languages. And it has a lot more power than we realize. When people walk into a room, they’re first struck by the room’s color. As a homeowner, you can use color to share your personality. Color can speak on [...]

Essential Features for Every High-End Home Renovation (Part 1)

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Photo Courtesy of Riverside Construction Your Florida home should be nothing less than a flattering reflection of your exciting lifestyle: luxurious interiors and exteriors that look terrific and are functionally efficient. When it comes to renovating your space to fit your lifestyle, it should be a thrilling experience you can’t wait to share with your [...]

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