Every new year brings new beginnings, and an optimism to start afresh. This is particularly true following one of the most challenging years in recent history. As our lifestyles have changed, so too have our homes. Designers are acutely aware of these changes and are already thinking about how designs must account for ways to keep us healthy and safe in 2021 and beyond.

Some of the most notable Southwest Florida home remodeling trends to watch for in 2021 are not only trendy, but they are completely and utterly timeless. So, if 2021 has you itching for a fresh home design that will stand the test of time, take a look at these five design trends:

1. Lifestyle Essentials

If you’re working from home, then you understand how creating a quiet, multi-functional work space in your home is essential. In fact, you may also be exercising at home instead of the gym, starting new hobbies that require workshop space, or spending a lot more time cooking. This is one of the top reasons that homeowners are reimagining their homes’ potential—to make their spaces more adaptable for various uses.

Are you maximizing the space in your home to accommodate these lifestyle changes? Do you have a spare room that no one is using? Or, perhaps you have a large, formal dining room that isn’t entertaining guests? Consider designing “flex space” into your home to maximize its potential, and help you live comfortably.

Ideas may include converting an unused dining room into a flexible home office designed with a pull-out desk. Add additional data lines or custom cabinets to store your essential supplies in the same area. Convert a space under the stairs for additional storage, or remodel your kitchen to add a more functional walk-in pantry, charging station or wet bar. The ideas are endless with a little ingenuity.

2. Color and Texture Combinations

In addition to functional space, 2021 is celebrating colors and textures that create comfort and evoke a feeling of relaxation. Warmer tones are coming back to include rich woods and even finishes like brass opposed to nickel. All-white kitchens are expanding to include creamy pastels in grays, greens, blues and earth tones.

When it comes to style, the 90’s comfy “Pottery Barn” vibe has returned with overstuffed chairs and sofas that hug you as you settle into them. So have designs with rounder curves and fewer sharp angles—a subtle shift toward creating serenity and comfort.

The new year is also bringing something called the “grand millennial” style to the forefront—a combination of millennial functionality mixed with the comforting floral patterns and the softness of grandma’s house. The lines are cleaner, with light neutrals, light-colored woods, and occasional pops of color that aren’t too loud. Think “classic” and “traditional,” but with a twist. On the other hand, design trend experts also predict that there will be some rooms in the house where you might want to paint an entire wall with a rich, saturated color scheme that reflects your personality.

3. Nature-Inspired Environments

There has been an enormous boost in the popularity of houseplants, which saw its heyday in the 70’s and declined for decades—until now. Instagram and Pinterest home design feeds are blowing up with all sorts of indoor succulent garden ideas, bonsai plants, and even indoor moss gardens. Think leafy vines, blooming plants, and even small trees that do well in a well-lit room or sunroom. Kitchen herb gardens that provide the convenience of adding fresh seasonings into recipes are also on point.

Houseplants purify indoor air and speak to nature’s healing powers, providing a sense of wellness and calm that everyone needs. While some houseplants require extra care and attention, others grow with only occasional watering. So, there are houseplants to suit every homeowner.

If you are ready to integrate houseplants into your interior design but don’t have the right space for it, make sure to factor that into your home remodeling plan. Sun windows, plant shelving, and cozy wellness nooks with comfy chairs and natural greenery are definitely on-trend.

4. Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Plentiful storage space never goes out of style. In 2021, it’s particularly important as homeowners have learned how to weather a pandemic by stocking up on much-needed non-perishable supplies. Custom cabinets in a kitchen, bathroom, or throughout your home can be a perfect solution for a modern upgrade that provides distinctive design and functional convenience. It can achieve the desired result of having “a place for everything”.

Particularly true in a kitchen, specialized storage that is well-designed helps eliminate wasted space. Kitchen islands are another great place to add functional storage and make your cabinets more efficient. Also, consider bathrooms with custom shelving and pull-out shelves for linens and toiletries. Imagine rooms throughout your home that can benefit from custom shelving or hideaway, pull-out features that enable you to store items easily and conveniently out of the way. With storage in mind, you can maximize every square inch of your home.

5. Wellness Design

Another consequence of the current environment is the wellbeing trend. Following a year of anxiety and stress, design trends are aligning with health, wellness, and safety.

Insufficient bathrooms are being converted into spacious spa oases with walk-in showers, soaking tubs, touchless faucets, and even bidets. Lacking space for a tub and shower? Many homes are being designed with a tub in a shower.

Social spaces like porches, entryways and dining rooms are also influencing how designers are approaching 2021 design—incorporating safe distancing, more open spaces and natural lighting. The next big innovations in design and architecture will also be about clean air. Beyond HVAC and HEPA systems, outdoor living spaces that take away worries about air circulation are on trend for 2021.

Another home design trend gaining momentum is adding the elements of Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”). This is the ancient Chinese home design practice of arranging spaces for balance, wellness, and prosperity. Although there are entire books, including maps and color schemes, that delve deep into the ancient principles surrounding Feng Shui, there are sound design principles that are being incorporated into home remodeling projects.

For example, the “commanding position” refers to a place in a room that is diagonal to the door, with a good view of it, but not directly in front of the entrance. According to Feng Shui, the bed, desk, and oven should be in a “commanding position” from the main entrance. When selecting materials, Feng Shui balances the basic elements of fire, wood, water, metal, and earth to bring harmony to its surroundings with sustainable materials and design elements. Using elements like bamboo and cork, and designing with lots of natural light, are all ways to create a balanced, wellness-centered home.

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