When it comes to the relationship between homeowners and their design-build team, the difference between a good or a poor relationship can mean all the difference in your home remodeling experience. Progressive Design Build has spent thirty years perfecting a client relationship that starts with hiring a team of professionals who not only care about the outcome of your project but also take great pride in their work. We also provide clear and concise communication managing the details of your project from start to finish, utilizing innovative web-based technology. If you’re considering a home remodeling project in Southwest Florida, be sure to explore these 4 reasons for developing an essential alliance with your design-build project team:

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1. Communication is Essential to a Great Home Remodel

In our experience, homeowners feel more comfortable asking questions and sharing their ideas if they have a personal connection with their design-build team. One benefit of the design-build process is that all of the project stakeholders work collaboratively from the beginning to ensure you end up with a remodel perfectly suited to your vision. Initially, during the discovery and design phase of your project, a Sales/Design Manager will work with you to understand your needs and project scope, making material selections and establishing a realistic budget and timeline. Once the design plan is approved, the project will move into the construction phase. At this point, you will be assigned a Project Manager who then becomes your main point of contact throughout the duration of your remodel. During this time, it’s critical to keep the lines of communication open.

Speaking of which, most subsequent communication is funneled through an online construction management system, called Buildertrend. This web portal facilitates open communication about each detail of your home remodeling project. It keeps all aspects of the remodeling project in one convenient, organized place, including project photos, material selections, construction timelines, etc. You will have a unique username and password to log in, leave messages, ask questions, review on-site progress and get in direct touch with your project manager. This is great news for you Southwest Florida snowbird homeowners who spend your summers up north! You don’t even have to be in town to have a very close connection with your Project Manager and the project itself!

2. Trust Each Other

The ideal design-build remodeling project is a collaborative effort— where each member of the project team listens carefully to the homeowner’s needs and desires. The homeowner is able to evaluate new ideas and openly share any questions or concerns they may have. Good communication is a two-way street. In addition to open communication, the best home remodeling projects have centered on a trusting, collaborative relationship between the homeowner and the design-build team, specifically the Sales/Design Manager and Project Manager.

3. Flexibility on All Sides

Every relationship requires flexibility, and this is no less true during a home remodeling project. When unexpected things happen, (e.g., materials aren’t as easy to obtain as initially assumed, or some other problem comes up), it’s great when everyone can laugh a little and come together to deal with any challenge efficiently and collaboratively.

Another aspect of flexibility comes in the design phase. Disagreements are inevitable when it comes to design opinions. Designers can have strong opinions about design—they are passionate about it, and have lots of expertise to impart. On the other hand, this is your home, and you will have strong opinions too. We’ve found that if your design team is flexible and listens to your suggestions with an open mind, and you also listen with an open mind, there is a unique opportunity to collaborate on design solutions that end up often exceeding expectations. It’s the flexibility, openness, and transparent communication that become so critical to the success of any design-build home remodeling project!

4. Understand the Design-Build Process

An educated homeowner also makes an ideal home remodeling client. Understanding how the design-build process works for your Southwest Florida home remodeling project helps you stay informed and aware of the many benefits of working with a design-build firm.  By working with design and construction specialists early in your process, you become empowered to make smart decisions, assert your needs and wants, and participate in the give-and-take of shared suggestions, warnings and new possibilities for your remodel. Understanding the different phases of a project and being able to participate as a full partner makes the process smoother, easier and, to be honest, more fun for everyone!

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As stated above, design-build remodeling is our passion. Progressive Design-Build cares very much about making our clients happy by designing and building incredibly beautiful, fabulously functional home remodeling projects.

Your remodel should be enjoyable—from the initial design to the final outcome. If you are ready to explore our design-build process and experience what it is like to collaborate with a team of highly trained designers, production managers, and contractors, we invite you to schedule a complimentary personal consultation: 239.939.5411.