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5 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Southwest Florida Outdoor Kitchen

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If runaway inflation, soaring gas prices, rising interest rates, and a stubbornly persistent pandemic are getting you down, then making your vision of an ideal outdoor kitchen come to life could be just what you need right now. Not only will the new living and cooking space improve your mood and quality of life, but it [...]

4 Steps to a Terrific Southwest Florida Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

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Outdoor living spaces are a hot trend in home renovation, especially popular in Southwest Florida where the year-round weather is so accommodating. Inspired homeowners are indulging their creativity and expanding their square footage by transforming under-utilized yard areas into seamless and natural extensions of their home, with outdoor kitchens topping the list. Of all the rooms [...]

Costs to Remodel a Southwest Florida Outdoor Living Space

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How much time do you spend in your backyard? Are you imagining yourself relaxing in a beautiful oasis right outside your door? Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, homeowners have been forced to stay in their homes and reconsider the spaces they spend the most time in. That’s why having an ideal outdoor living space for your [...]

OK, Boomers! Now’s the Time to Thrive with Hot Remodeling Trends in Southwest Florida

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Youth is indeed wasted on the young, which leaves plenty of great living for Boomers like you and your partner. As empty nesters and retirees you’ve done your duty for kids and career. You’re finally ready to indulge yourselves by living in the house of your dreams! And no place is better suited than the [...]

7 Terrific Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space in Southwest Florida Truly Yours

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Southwest Florida homeowners love the great outdoors, especially because we can enjoy our great weather for most of the year. More homeowners than ever before have taken advantage by extending their living spaces outside, where we can enjoy the best of both worlds. With the right planning, design, furniture, and fixings your outdoor living space could [...]

8 Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends in Southwest Florida

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Transformative Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends Southwest Florida’s warm climate allows residents to enjoy their backyards all year round. Moreover, if you’re like many of us who prefer spending time outside—either entertaining, lounging, or dining in comfort and style—you’ve likely assessed your backyard and its ability to enhance your Florida lifestyle. If you’re at a crossroads and [...]

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