Kitchen and Dry Bar Remodel Bonita Spring FL Bonita Bay

Home is where the heart is for the Paskus family. That is why an open, inviting area was at the heart of their kitchen remodel—fit for entertaining large groups of people. Only limited by the family’s need to keep the existing floor tile, Progressive Design Build utilized the existing footprint of the kitchen, but gave the space a much more open, airy feeling by removing a large bank of upper cabinets that divided the space.

We satisfied our client’s need for entertaining family and friends by incorporating a dry bar into the kitchen design that also included a wine fridge.

The open floor plan required a natural, blended transition between the kitchen and the living area. We used matching granite countertops, subway tile, and glass upper cabinets with under cabinet lighting. In the main kitchen, white subway tile was installed as a backsplash throughout the kitchen, extending to the island under the hi-top counter. Finished end panels on the cabinets were also used to give the kitchen a finished look.

A decorative hood became the focal point in the room, not only creating much-needed ventilation, but also a balance to the space. The hood was trimmed out with matching white cabinet trim materials and decorative porcelain tile crown molding and accent bands.For improved functionality, Progressive Design Build added a pop out mixer tray in one of the island base cabinets.

As a result, the updated finishes and improved functionality in the cabinetry achieved all of the family’s goals in the kitchen while creating a large, beautiful space for entertaining guests.