They say, “a photo is worth a thousand words,” and that’s true in many ways. We believe our online galleries, which are available on Houzz and our project gallery, speak volumes about the quality of the renovation work we do for clients throughout Southwest Florida. These photos show the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the wide range of design aesthetics we have mastered. However, what you see in these photos is just the end result of an extensive renovation process. There’s more to the story!

Consider this testimonial from our customers, Dave and Noreen: “Progressive did a room addition, new outdoor grilling kitchen, some plumbing and painting work. Their attention to detail was impeccable. They stayed on task and on their time line. They are very respectful of the client’s property, and very thorough when planning and preparing for the project. They follow up at each stage of the project to ensure all phases are to the client’s satisfaction.

Clearly, the photos don’t tell you the whole story, including the wonderful relationships that are built along the way. However, to us, a positive renovation experience is just as important as a beautiful end result. In fact, the customer experience is so important to us, we’ve created a unique Three-Step Process to ensure a positive renovation experience.

Phase One – Discovery

The Discovery phase is critical because it involves us listening to you, the customer, and asking all the right questions before renovation begins. From the beginning, we want to have a full understanding of your needs and desires, as well as the parameters such as budget, timeline and homeowner involvement. This phase represents an initial investment of $600 to $1,200, depending on the project, but it makes the whole renovation run more smoothly.

Phase Two – Detailed Design

After Discovery, we are ready to begin the Detailed Design phase with a design meeting, where we drill a little deeper into specifics, showings you a selection of design elements, such as flooring, cabinetry, fixtures and more. The purpose of the meeting isn’t to make final selections but to establish realistic material allowances for cost estimating and contract specifications. The Detailed Design phase culminates with the creation of detailed design drawings that clearly and accurately represent our ideas for your proposed construction project and an analysis of the existing mechanical systems in the home to determine if they are up to code and adequately accommodate the design plans. This careful analysis will enable us to accurately forecast the need for additional modifications in the renovation process.

Phase Three – Construction

Once, the construction proposal is approved, we take your project from design to completion, guiding you every step of the way. This is where all that planning and designing really pays off! Also, our commitment to excellent customer service and the use of BuilderTrend technology really makes a difference, allowing customers to be as involved as they would like to be in the renovation. The Construction phase is something to look forward to with Progressive Builders because we place such emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We hope this brief overview of our Three-Step Process intrigues you enough to delve deeper into the details, which are outlined on our website. We are happy to walk potential customers through this protocol personally as well. To schedule an initial meeting with one of our designers, call 239-939-5411 or complete an online request.