A successful renovation requires planning.

Here are some things you can do before you contact Progressive Builders, Inc. to ensure you’re ready to begin the remodeling process:

Know Your Budget and Timeframe

Only you can decide how much you are willing to invest in your home renovation, addition, or remodel. Sometimes renovations solve a problem, and you simply want to know how much it’s going to cost, but often your budget will determine the parameters of your project. Our Three Step Design Process will help answer many of the questions you have related to your concept and help establish a budget. Timeframe is important because it provides parameters of when you are planning to start and complete your project, a very important factor to the overall success of a project.

Wants and Needs List

Create a comprehensive wish list of your home renovation wants and needs. On the “wants” list include everything you would have if money were not an object. On the “needs” list include the things you must have including necessary repairs to bring the house up to code, and additions you can’t live without. Naturally, we’ll start with your needs list and help you refine your wants list based on what is left in the budget.

Share Your Personal Style

Begin collecting photos of appealing home designs, covering all of the rooms in the house that you plan to renovate, as well as exterior looks if that’s part of your plan. If you have magazines, tear out pages and keep them in a file. If you prefer to browse online, create a Pinterest board or Houzz portfolio.  Make note of what you like about each sample, whether it’s the paint color, lighting, fixtures, cabinetry or furniture. The resulting portfolio will help us identify your personal style and narrow down the design options during the design/build process.


Consider Added Value

We can give you the cost of the renovation, and help you understand how it impacts the value of your home. Many home renovations add to the resale value of your home, while others might only be valuable to you for as long as you live there. Kitchen and bath remodels tend to improve market value, as does the addition of a pool in many cases, but that gorgeous chandelier over the dining room table is well worth adding if you plan to stay in the home and it makes you happy. Our experts can help you understand the rewards of renovating.

Select a Trusted Partner

Customer testimonials and independent ratings are a great place to start when selecting your renovation company, which is why we provide real feedback from customers on our website. Progressive Builders uses GuildQuality.com, a third party customer satisfaction survey software, to ensure we get candid, honest feedback from customers to enhance our performance, and we’re happy to share their stories, which speak to the unique customer experience we provide.

From the very beginning of the renovation process we’ll help you understand all of your options and opportunities so you can make great decisions every step of the way. Our decades of experience, enhanced communication tools and Three Step Process ensure your complete satisfaction!