How to Get the Most Value from Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel

The demand for bathroom remodeling is at an all time high, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic. More people are spending more time than ever before at home, and their Wish Lists are bubbling to the top of “Gotta Have” lists, especially when it comes to home renovation. But two questions immediately pop to everyone’s mind: How much is my new bathroom remodeling going to cost? And will the project be done safely and efficiently for me and my family?

Answering the first and most important question, responsible contractors throughout Florida have adopted containment, cleaning, and reporting procedures to help ensure you and your family remain safe throughout home renovation projects large to small. Social distancing, personal protective equipment, and numerous proven protocols are applied with creativity, rigor, and attention to make sure all clients and the skilled workmen serving them stay safe.

Now, about pricing. Although bathroom remodels vary tremendously in terms of their size, sophistication, and materials used, we’ve narrowed your options down into budgetary ranges that help decision making.

Budgetary items that will impact your bathroom remodeling cost include:

  • Your bathroom size
  • Regional pricing differences
  • Quality of materials
  • Whether you keep or change the floor plan
  • Types of fixtures, appliances, countertops and finishes you choose

Another vital consideration is value and getting the most out of every dollar you spend with a trusted contractor. So we’ll showcase the benefits of partnering with a design-build firm combining design with construction to save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Cosmetic: From $6,000-25,000

The first and least expensive option for your bathroom remodel falls into the “Cosmetic” category. Far as establishing a baseline goes, the Cosmetic option essentially consists of minimizing time and expense through repurposing your existing bathroom layout. Your configuration stays as is. In this option, you’re essentially rehabilitating as opposed to remodeling your bathroom or repairing something to make it look new again. This might include fixing damage, repainting or resurfacing. And, instead of ordering custom fixtures and accessories, your fixtures don’t change or you replace them with store-bought or economy items.

In other words, you might replace a sink with a pre-fab vanity and countertop, a store-bought toilet, and economy bathroom mirror. Lighting fixtures might be removed and improved with off-the-shelf products. Walls can also be repainted and even wallpapered affordably.

Remove & Replace: From $35,000-115,000

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel with more than a few cosmetic upgrades, the first viable option for you and your family is the “remove & replace” option, which essentially involves keeping the overall layout the same. This upgrade is focused on removing and replacing existing cabinets, fixtures, lighting, and flooring with improved versions of each — with additional possibilities including taking down a wall to make more space, adding more cabinets, or fancy extras like heated floors or a freestanding soaker tub.

Before you begin, however, work with a design-build firm you trust. Thanks to careful planning based on your needs and shared vision of creating an incredible bathroom experience, you and your contractor work smoothly together through every phase of the project. From discovery to detailed design and construction documentation, a well-run design-build project ensures continuous communication, minimal hassle, and a final result that exceeds your expectations.

Once you’ve decided on an ideal design, the first and most important choice is cabinets and countertops. By replacing your old ones with new, semi-custom or personalized models you’ll instantly embellish the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Design options for gorgeous cabinets include quality finishes, intricate door panels, and custom woodwork; new countertops beckon for quality materials that look great and last such as granite, marble, or quartz, just to name a few.

The next big decision, and one that should be perfectly synched with your design vision from the start, is flooring. Unlike basic materials like vinyl, this mid-tier budgetary option enables you to choose from a wide variety of upgraded materials and surfaces, porcelain, or pebble and mosaic tiles. After the cabinets, no element conveys greater luxury and an enhanced mood than high end, custom flooring.

Fixtures and lighting are also vital mood-setters, and offer broad options for creativity and innovative design. Major upgrades such as glass enclosed showers and hot tubs transform a bathroom into a spa experience, while more subtle yet profoundly impactful lighting effects including dimmers and special task lights for grooming and makeup application may complete your luxury experience. And don’t forget the walls: striking color combinations, borders, accents, and wallpaper go far.

The Full Monty: $115,000+

Starting from scratch is the ticket, if that’s in your budget. The true custom bathroom starts with a meeting with your design-build contractor where you share your vision of the perfect bathroom. Experts then translate your dream into reality by changing the layout wherever necessary, moving walls, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure as needed, and then filling your
new luxurious bathroom with the high end cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and lighting you need.

Your custom deluxe bathroom should be designed and built to pamper you. Cabinets are solid wood with decorative finishes and accents; countertops are solid, functional, and gorgeous with heavy granite, marble, and quartz surfaces that dry easily. Natural stone, intricate tile, or inlaid wood flooring seamlessly weave together a glass shower, bronze tub, high end toilet, and convenient fixtures. With more generous budgets come endless possibilities — and pure luxury.

Lighting options also abound, limited only by your imagination. Chandeliers, incandescent sconces, mood lighting sets a tone of relaxation and sophistication. Rain showers, steam showers, no-touch faucets, and towel drying racks accentuate the sheer luxuriousness of your new super deluxe bathroom. While on all sides bold colors, custom molding and window treatments, plated plant shelves and stained glass windows help create an amazing bathroom you never want to leave.

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