How to Get the Most Value from Your Kitchen Luxury Remodel

Everyone intuitively understands that a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking, so the question immediately arises: “How much is this remodel going to cost?” The best answer came from none other than Abraham Lincoln, who replied to a smart aleck journalist who asked: “How long should a president’s leg be?” Honest Abe instantly said, “Long enough to reach the ground.” In the same way, your kitchen remodel will cost as much as it takes to design and build it.

Just like Abe’s height, your budget depends on reaching your vision for a luxurious new kitchen. Many factors come into play, such as whether or not you need to move walls or redesign the entire layout; if you’re going to repurpose existing fixtures and appliances or buy new ones; the quality and quantity of the materials used; and what kind of fancy tech gadgetry you’d like to include. To help you decide, we’ve narrowed your options down into budgetary ranges from low to high.

Budgetary items that will impact your kitchen remodeling cost include:

  • Your kitchen footprint
  • Regional pricing differences
  • Quality of materials
  • Whether you keep or change the floor plan
  • Whether you keep or move electrical or plumbing
  • Types of fixtures, appliances, countertops and finishes you choose

Before we start, a quick note about the ongoing pandemic: Regardless which option you choose, make sure to partner with a responsible Florida contractor. They should routinely apply containment, cleaning, and reporting procedures to help ensure you and your family remain safe throughout the home remodeling project. Social distancing, personal protective equipment, and numerous proven protocols protect clients and the skilled workmen serving them. Safety first! Ask them about it.

Cosmetic: $20,000-50,000

Your kitchen is the most complex space in your home, one that demands an ideal blend of form and function. The whole family gathers there multiple times per day to cook, eat, and socialize, so it should be an efficient and comfortable place to work and play. Fixtures and appliances demand access to water and power, so well-built plumbing and electrical ducts are essential. All this makes renovating a kitchen particularly challenging, and also more costly than most rooms.

That said, if your budget is on the lower end of the spectrum then this basic option might be all you need. Such an upgrade involves repurposing most of what you already have in terms of layout, fixtures, appliances, and materials. If you do replace anything, you can use tasteful and durable components that get you the most value for your money. By keeping the space intact and not moving any walls or work stations, you have no need to redo additional plumbing and electrical work.

Stick to basic appliances, and replace only what you must. With this budget you likely won’t be able to add built-in warming or microwave drawers or wine coolers, but you should be able to replace a dishwasher, for example. New cabinets can add significant cost, so in cosmetic upgrades, it is common to refurbish existing panels and replace only what’s beyond repair. Ceramic tile backsplashes, vinyl flooring, laminate counters, and recessed lighting might not sound sexy, but the right touch can accentuate your design and bring a fresh look and feel while keeping costs down.

Remove and Replace (the Mid-tier Luxury Kitchen): $75,000-160,000

Given how much time you and your family spend in your kitchen, and how much effort you put into cooking, eating, and entertaining there, being penny wise and pound foolish for your remodel isn’t the best idea. This middle option is a fine balance between affordability and value, enabling you and your contractor to reinvision your space, removing and replacing all items.

With this option you’re able to design your kitchen with a little more flexibility—including layout, appliances and fixtures. You could likely add a new island or peninsula, but may not be able to change the location of the sink, dishwasher, or refrigerator, for example. In this price range you could remove a non-structural wall and have an upgraded appliance budget.

Always wanted an open layout with a functional, decorative island in the middle? Need more countertop and storage space? Coveted a high tech dishwasher and microwave? Here you have the budget to purchase semi-custom cabinets, granite or quartz countertops and recessed and under counter lighting. Use designer hardware for faucets, fixtures, and lighting, while glass tile backsplashes, wood floors, and endless storage never cease to amaze.

Custom (The Super Deluxe Luxury Kitchen): $185,000 and Up

Your third option gives you and your contractor the most flexibility — and the thrilling opportunity to create a jaw-dropping kitchen experience that not only makes everyday living more joyful, but significantly boosts the overall value of your entire home. Here you have the chance to re-engineer your kitchen from the ground up, which includes redesigning the layout, moving walls, relocating and updating plumbing and electrical, or adding any new framing. In a complete custom kitchen remodel you have the luxury of choosing top performance appliances, fixtures, and materials that are of the highest quality and the most beautiful and intriguing in terms of style and sophistication.

Such a luxurious vision includes custom cabinetry, built-in and often hidden high-end appliances, and the best of the best experiences including a La Cornue range, Italian marble or Quartzite countertops, and hand crafted parquet floors. Why not also go for a vaulted ceiling with beadboard finish, stained glass leaded windows, and classic baseboards? A stunning brass sink and traditional faucet could give your majestic new kitchen an elegant and still functional look.

A bold budget also engenders a bold and beautiful kitchen: an ornamental chandelier can set a classic mood while providing plenty of light for cooking and socializing; in-set appliances keep the look and feel warm and inviting; vast and easily accessible storage space can be had with a separate pantry area; and a full service island with brass stools can play multiple roles as snack area with the kids, cocktail bar for parties, and prep zone for big family gatherings.

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