When winter gives way to spring, Florida residents are glad to finish their spring cleaning projects and ready their home for seasonal changes. They also realize that extreme weather conditions call out for a touring of their property and preparing it for the harsh elements. In many cases, it will require hiring some professionals to do the heavy lifting to help you prepare your Southwest Florida home.

The pleasant weather that we enjoy in Southwest Florida does come at a price, in the form of hurricane season. Homeowners should keep in mind the importance of securing their home from extreme weather conditions. The National Weather Service has declared Hurricane Preparedness Week for May 3-9 2020 to encourage residents to make the appropriate preparations. With that in mind, here are some maintenance tips as well as information on hurricanes to help you and your family get your home ready this spring.

Prepare Your Home for Spring & Hurricanes

Air Conditioning

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When your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system is working correctly, it’s easy to forget about it, taking the equipment for granted. But it’s crucial to have your HVAC setup inspected, cleaned and maintained regularly. These tasks are often beyond the capability of ordinary homeowners, so you should schedule an appointment with your air conditioning professional as early as you can. Otherwise, if your system starts to malfunction later in the season, you may find it hard to get an appointment, since everyone else will be calling for service too.

A dirty air conditioner will work far less efficiently, which means that the equipment will have to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and to reduce humidity levels. What’s more, the less efficient the AC is, the higher your electricity bill will be. Arranging for regular inspections will reduce the total cost of ownership of your AC system.


The gutters and drain spouts that take water from the roof and guide it away from your structure are an essential line of defense and are worth your time to inspect, clean and repair as needed. Look for and remove debris, such as leaves, twigs, and rocks. If standing on a ladder is not your cup of tea, make sure to hire a reputable gutter professional. Doing so will help keep rain from damaging your home’s foundation.


The hurricane season spans June 1 to November 30, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. However, NOAA reminds us that hurricanes can occur nearly any time during the year, so preparation is vital.

You’ll want to consider installing impact-resistant windows or boarding windows with plywood. It’s also a good idea to obtain enough sandbags so you can pile them at least 2 feet high to protect against flooding, according to AccuWeather. Secure loose items before storms and trim loose branches from trees. In case of power outages, plug your appliances into surge protectors.


Musty odors or even dangerous mold can occur in your Florida home if you don’t pay close attention to the structure during rain. Look for potential damp areas on the outside walls of your home and fix any leaks. This is especially the case for rooms you don’t spend much time in, such as a guest bedroom or a seldom-used home office.


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How old is your roof? If it’s been many years since it was installed or has been inspected by a roofing expert, now is an excellent time to have it checked out. Fixing a problem early when it is small will be less expensive than repairing significant damage from a leaking, defective roof. The strong winds during hurricane season will pose less danger to a well constructed and maintained roof, so be sure that yours is in good shape now.

Safety Devices

Spring is an ideal time to go through your home and change batteries in those small devices that help save lives—smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Instead of waiting for their batteries to beep an alert that they are running out of power, you should proactively put in fresh batteries.

Many residents will change batteries in safety devices twice a year, during daylight savings time changes, to help them remember to do this critical task. Your fire extinguishers should be checked too, to see if they have expired or need to be refilled.


Did you know that springtime and the beginning of summer are the peak period when termites start to swarm and invade homes, looking for a meal? Have your home inspected by licensed professionals to see if it needs termite protection now.


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Windows that are improperly sealed allow entrance for water to get into your home. Each window should open and shut with ease so you can keep them securely fastened. Inspect and fix any damage to screens also to prepare your Southwest Florida home for spring.

With properly sealed windows, your air conditioning system will run more efficiently, helping to keep your family safe and comfortable while keeping the utility bill low. Insulated, double-pane windows are ideal for keeping the cold air inside and the hot air outside. If you haven’t finished insulating your home, take care of all gaps around windows (and doors too).

Could You Use Some Help With Preparing Your Southwest Florida Home for Spring?

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As a Southwest Florida homeowner, you may be at home thinking about what you can do to actively take care of spring preparations. You know that it’s prudent to get ready for changes in the weather to protect your property. This is why so many residents have come to rely on our team at Progressive Design Build not only for home remodeling in Bonita Springs, FL, and projects in the surrounding areas but also to help them keep their dwelling safe and secure all year round.

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