Often, homeowners think you have to complete a “huge” home remodeling project to really boost a home’s value. But the truth is, even a modest, well-designed remodeling project can bring the greatest enjoyment and highest returns. Your Progressive Design Build team has collected ten of the most impactful, yet small remodeling projects to consider for your Southwest Florida home:


1. Renovate Your Half Bath or Powder Room

Always apologizing to your guests for the outdated, dingy half-bath? Turn it into a mini-luxury escape. As a small room, you can get away with some daring colors, materials, and designs. Your design/build team can also help you improve lighting and ventilation. And why not add some elegant wall shelving to store towels, soaps, lotions and other bathroom amenities that will delight anyone who has to “duck out of the party” for a moment?

2. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t forget your outdoor living space. Southwest Florida boasts over 250 beautiful, sunny days a year. Consequently, adding an outdoor kitchen for grilling and chilling makes sense. Some basic design considerations include a durable countertop with plenty of workspace, a built-in grill, updated flooring and utilities for sinks, coolers, and ranges.

3. Kick Your Laundry Room up a Notch

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend in the laundry room? And yet, these rooms are often the most neglected rooms ever. Why not make it an enjoyable space to frequent? Dial up the paint colors, update the washer and dryer, add more storage and workspace—maybe even include a comfortable place to sit and watch Netflix while you fold laundry. Consider how you can improve the use of your utility room and make it a happier place to spend your time in.

4. Try a Pull-and-Replace Kitchen Remodel

You don’t have to “go deep” on every kitchen remodeling project. A “Pull-and-Replace” project can make a big impact without making a huge dent in structure or budget. For example:

  • Chef-grade appliances—Indulge in a new double convection oven, an updated gas stove top or an industrial-size refrigerator that can accommodate your cooking passions.
  • An Island—Add a fantastic focal point with a stunning countertop, additional cabinet storage and seating where your family can gather for meal prep and eating together.
  • Cabinets—Just updating the colors and fixtures can make the kitchen new again, but also consider space-saving pull-out shelving. Store kitchen appliances or utensils that are taking up counter space, while keeping them within easy reach. Fun Accessories—Fun fixtures, knobs, and handles can take your kitchen from blah to beautiful in no time.
  • Flooring—New, more durable, easy-to-clean and comfortable flooring options are continuously available. Think about upgrading to hardwood or ceramic floors.

5. Replace the Front Door

Don’t underestimate the power of the front door. It greets guests, it boosts curb appeal, and it can even lower your utility bills. So, if you’re looking for a small, yet powerful update for your home, this might just be the one. Progressive Design Build can help you select an amazing front door that does all of this, and more, for your home.

6. Get Cooler Countertops

Countertops—they’re not just for the kitchen anymore. Bathroom countertops, minibars, living rooms, patios and other places where you might have a sink or an established sitting area could benefit from new countertops. Natural and engineered stone countertops look timeless and now come in a plethora of patterns and colors. The options for new laminates are endless and work for just about any budget. Glass tile backsplashes can bedazzle your guests.

7. Update Interior Doors and Trim

Many homes suffer from inconsistent interior doors, and trim is often one of the last things people consider when remodeling. So, these two items can significantly impact the cohesive look of your home. Also, depending on how old your interior doors are, or what materials they’re made out of, they may look dingy and might not fit easily, causing noise when opened or closed. Today’s interior doors come in many options from real solid, engineered or faux wood to fire resistant, bi-fold and pocket doors.

8. Paint it New—Indoors or Out

Sometimes paint is all you need to take your home to new heights. Shades of mint or sage in the bathrooms, bright yellows in the kitchen, and bold purples, blues and crimsons in unexpected places can make a room pop out of drabness. Also, consider “millennial pink” (a toned-down mix of peach and salmon that can be lightened up into an almost neutral color) and all the blues as potential color mixes for your home.

9. Make Fascia and Soffit Repairs

On the exterior of your house, the soffit cools and ventilates the roof while protecting the underside of the roof from the weather. The fascia covers the soffit, polishing off the home’s exterior. This is also where storm gutters are mounted. Have your certified design/build firm look at these areas for necessary repairs and improvements to protect your home.

10. Get Ready for Rainy Season

Southwest Florida homes must be ready for wet weather. In addition to the fascia and soffits, make sure a certified contractor inspects and keeps these areas of your home in good repair at all times to prevent expensive water damage:

  • Repair or replace any loose or missing tiles, shingles, flashing or evidence of leaks in the ceiling
  • Repair, replace and clean out all of the rain gutters
  • Inspect the foundation of your home for signs of trouble (settling water spots, loose soil, cracks, etc.)
  • Make sure downspouts point water away from the foundation and watch water runoff patterns
  • Add weather stripping to doors and windows
  • Check for bubbles on exterior paint (evidence of water damage)

Whether you decide to pick one, or a few of these smaller, but important home remodeling projects, schedule a complimentary design consultation with Southwest Florida’s home remodeling experts, Progressive Design Build. Still looking for design inspiration? Peruse our design portfolio while you’re gathering ideas for your home. We can help you with all of your home remodeling projects, from small to large. Just call 239.939.5411.


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